Our Founding Philosophy

At the foundation of everything Orion does is a belief that all of humanity is one family. We all go about our lives trying to do our best and understand this mystery called life. If we have known pain, we can understand why others would not want to feel its sting, and if we have known joy, we can understand why others would want to share in it. Most importantly, just as we would enjoy the kindness of others, we can understand that others deserve that same kindness. These sentiments in mind, we seek to better society into a structure that works efficiently and humanely for the people who inhabit it, and to eliminate our needless conflicts over survival, so that we may focus our combined efforts on mutual prosperity and the thrill of discovery.

Our Goal

Orion stands for a world where all citizens, no matter what part of the world they're from, what they look like, or who they love, are capable of living free and protected lives. To that effect, we seek the establishment of an eco-socialist federation of nation-states, which involves economic reform (to allow for public ownership of production resources and democracy in the workplace) and environmental recovery (scaling back unsustainable industry and investing in rebuilding ecosystems).

After such a federation is established, we will continue to both protect and partake in humanity's march forward - out of the jaws of destruction by our own hands, into the future, and out into the stars.

Become a Member of Orion!

In order to achieve our mission, we must spread the message and ideas of eco-socialist federalism, assist other organizations fighting diligently for change, make a difference by communicating with and providing for communities in need, research ways to better work in harmony with the environment, and much more.

We need new volunteers and recruits! There are never too many people making a difference and helping others - the more, the better. If you want to discuss, write, record, volunteer, research, or otherwise join one of the branches of Orion, click |/getinvolved here| for how to become a member or contribute!

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