IOI Letter Campaigns

A Program by the Sword of Orion Comms Team!

The Sword of Orion's oldest program, the IOI (Issue of Interest) Letters serve as a way of both communicating with other organizations and representatives, as well as an easy way to get a target's attention. One letter to a elected representative may receive little more than a passing thought, but a continuous stream of letters, all focused on one particular issue, is far more difficult to ignore.

And it's not just politicians!

Ally organizations can be persuaded to work together or touch on an issue with their audience. Media sources like newspapers and blogs can have important topics brought to their notice. Other citizens can be informed on obscure causes and events to build more of a base of support. If there is a fight in need of winning or an area in need of improvement, one way we can help out is by shining a light on it and cutting through the fog of information to get directly to people with the power to do something.

So how do I send a letter?

The first thing you're going to want to do is become a member of the Sword of Orion's Writing Team. The IOI Database is members only, for accountability purposes, but don't worry! It's a simple process!

Step 1:

Go to the forums and navigate to the top right corner to register.

Step 2:

To register, fill out your email…
…and then the rest of your account info.

Step 3:

Once you've made an account, an administrator should email you shortly with a link, but in case they do not, feel free to email them at hc.liamnotorp|noirodrows#hc.liamnotorp|noirodrows. In an email, you will receive a link to a Google Form for the second part of the membership application.

Step 4:

You will be brought to a Google Form with a short application. This is mandatory for all members, but if you want to become a member of the Comms Team specifically, specify it on the "Which team?" question. Towards the bottom, you will come to this question, where you can specify which program you would like to sign up for, and in this case, check the IOI Letter Campaigns box.

Step 5:

After this, admins will review your application and assign you to the team and program of your choice! Once a member of the Comms Team, you should find a pinned thread within the Writing Team board on the Forum titled "IOI Letter Campaigns | Access", with a link to the folder, as well as further instructions.

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